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The issue of Reserves held by organisations is an area which must be considered as part of their own financial management. Organisations, should have some money held in Reserve, but can be criticised for accumulating too much MORE


Whatever system you have for keeping your accounts, one of the most important aspects is the information that goes to the Directors or Trustees. All the Members are responsible for controlling the money and making the decisions MORE

Financial Reports

 Any organisation which has money coming in and going out will have some form of internal controls. These are basically the rules or procedures that let everyone know what should happen - who can do what, when and how.MORE

Financial Controls

The production of accounts and the training services represent the core of our activity. No one joins an organisation because they like accounting and finance - that would be most odd, but every organisation has to deal with money MORE

Money Management

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Community Accounting North East is a Community Interest Company which is a not-for-profit organisation regulated by the Registrar of Companies

Our aim is to make the region more stable and sustainable by providing a low cost easily accessible accountancy service for small businesses, social enterprises, charities and voluntary groups.

Whether it is Plans/Book Keeping or accounting courses we can help


business plans

If truth be told, most organisations probably write a "business Plan' because they have to produce one if they are to stand any chance of receiving financial support or a grant. It is rare to come across small organisations that have  MORE

Business Plans


Keeping the books is one of those jobs, which although necessary, isn't very glamorous. What's more every group will have it's own particular needs and no two systems will be the same.


Book Keeping


If you are involved in running any organisation, at some time you will come across the idea of a Cash Flow projection. It may sound complicated, but it is really quite simple. For most groups, a detailed projection will not be necessary, MORE

Cash Flow